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A popular feature in Good Times magazine is the Poetry page, where we showcase works written and submitted by our readers. Gerry Eggert’s “The Farm Wife” appeared in the May issue.


The Farm Wife

She glanced out the kitchen window
As she baked his favourite buns
Much older now, he still drove the tractor
True and straight
The money was better; they had a farmhand
He still was often out there—prove he could

She remembered back when she would walk out
Climb on behind him
Stand with arms around him
As the old tractor lumbered along
True and straight

The field was smaller now
She remembered when she couldn’t see to the end of the rows
She had watched him through the years
And watched the long rows grow
Watched the beauty as the crop changed colours
And when it was corn, she could hear it grow

It was different now
The food came differently
Came from glassed-in fields and countries afar
The children were gone
Little interest in the land
Patiently waiting as the buildings and homes closed in around
And the crop became the land

She wiped her hands on her apron, untied the strings
She would walk out to the tractor once again
Climb in behind him
Glassed-in now and no longer lumbering
She would still hold on to him

Gerry Eggert
Chilliwack, BC

Photo: iStock/Sidekick.