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A popular feature in Good Times magazine is the Poetry page, where we showcase works written and submitted by our readers. Mary V. Murray’s “The Summer Chair” appeared in the June issue.


The Summer Chair

One regret I have:

That I did not take that one chair

After my sister died.

It was unpainted, wooden, square,

And when my brother and I were there,

At my sister’s empty house after her death,

I wanted to take that chair.

So much stuff to sort, so many tears;

Too little space, too little time.

We left it then in the garage among

Those things some think have no worth.


It was on that chair that I sat

When I visited her in summers there

In her small piece of Saskatchewan.

We would be with her garden,

We would talk in low voices;

Remember, regret, be there

As the summer sun set,

Until the mosquitoes drove us in.

And she picked up the chair

And her chair

And put them in for the night.


Mary V. Murray

Photo: iStock/Matt_Gibson.

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