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Take a Knee

Does jumping, hopping and other such activity bring on knee pain? If so, try these two low-impact Pilates moves. They’re designed to help protect your knees, keep the pain at bay and increase your overall mobility

By Priscilla Regli


1. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, with head, knees and feet all forward-facing.

2. Bend the knees as deeply as is comfortable until you’re in a crouching or half-squat pose, then return to the upright position.

3. Repeat for a total of 10 half-squats.


Stretch It Out

1. Stand straight, with one hand against the wall at shoulder height.

2. With the other hand, grab the sameside ankle behind you; you can either flex this raised foot or keep it loose.

3. Hold this position for one minute; then switch sides, with the first hand now grasping its same-side ankle and the second now resting against the wall at shoulder height.


Quick Tip

To keep your knees flexible and strong—crucial to maintaining your overall mobility—do this mini-workout two or three times a week. Your knees will thank you.


Photo credit: Laurence Labat