Your Poetry

Your Poem of the Month – Summer 2023

A popular feature in Good Times magazine is the Poetry page, where we showcase works written and submitted by our readers. Marlys Penner “Missing Her” appeared in the Summer 2023 issue.

Missing Her

I wrote this poem in memory of my sister, Mavis Thiessen, who passed on May 17, 2018. I miss her terribly.

Dear Mae,
I need someone to talk to, but you’re not there,
To laugh or share a thought with, but you’re not there. We had so much to share.
Your humour, wit, and caring ways,
Your love, devotion, laughter, too.
But you’re not there.
The way you’d think things through,
your patience, too. Your thoughtful pause. I miss it all.
We’ll walk and talk again some day,
and get caught up on things we’ve missed. And you’ll be there.
Luv, Mar.

Marlys Penner
New Westminster, B.C.