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Your Poem of the Month – November 2022

A popular feature in Good Times magazine is the Poetry page, where we showcase works written and submitted by our readers. Joan Kehoe’s “Memory of Love” appeared in the October-November 2022 issue.

Memory of Love

Memories stay soft and still.
The payoff for a long life
Is a huge cushion of memories.

You never really accept
The loss of comforting arms,
That someone
Who made your existence special.

Music oh yes music
Can lead down a lighted pathway
But tears often spill at the end.
You look out on a beautiful
But empty landscape.
Music echoes love.

If life gave you babies,
They are there somewhere,
Grown, leading busy lives,
Every now and then
Good for hugs,
But memories are left to hold.

Eyes closed,
The world from years ago
Seems so far away.

Back to photographs,
Where memories stay
Soft and still,
Almost real.

Joan Kehoe
Scarborough, Ont.

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