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Your Poem of the Month – January 2023

A popular feature in Good Times magazine is the Poetry page, where we showcase works written and submitted by our readers. Joanne dW “Life” appeared in the December 2022-January 2023 issue.

Pin-straight jet-black hair.
Young, happy, and carefree.
Freedom of childhood fills each day.

On to high school. Home perms
Give curls but also frizz.
Outdated hand-me-downs.
Insecure and out of the loop.

A call to nursing. Meeting new friends,
Dating, partying, being in love.
Long dark full locks. Life is good! I have a lot!

“I like your tuft of grey,” a patient remarks.
“It’s au naturel,” I reply.
I’m comfortable in my skin.
I’m feeling young and fulfilled.

Family life, with its trials and challenges.
From long flowing hair to short “wash and wear.”
The grey increases, but I don’t care.

Retirement approaches. Hair mostly grey,
Some brassiness in the sunshine.
I’m at a stage in life…
I wouldn’t go back and do it over again.

Now, it’s white and thinning a bit.
I finally fit in with the rest of my kin.
They’ve stopped with their rinses and dyes
And let nature take its course. Grey is in!

Joanne dW.
Muirkirk, Ont.

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Photo by Pexels