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A popular feature in Good Times magazine is the Poetry page, where we showcase works written and submitted by our readers. Howard Carter’s “I miss you” appeared in the Ocotber issue.

I miss you

I miss you when the morning dew glistens on the willow, When I find I’m all alone by your unruffled pillow.

I miss you when I’m awake at night, and remember your soft quiet breathing,

And how you’d awaken at some later hour,

Whispering words so pleasing.

I miss your hand finding mine

And holding it ’til sleeping.

So glad I was to have you here,

Safely in my keeping.

I miss you when the summer rains

Fall soft on the meadow,

Your gentle face looking out,

Your thoughts you kept in shadow.

I miss you when I go away

And you are not there with me.

I wish you could just come back home,

But that never will be.

My thoughts are of you every day,

And every waking hour,

There’s comfort knowing you are cared for

By a higher power.

But, oh, how I miss you.

Howard Carter, Dunville, Ont.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


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