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Wash Your Hands Without Damaging Them

If your hands are beginning to suffer from so much washing, it’s time to start pampering them

Photo: iStock/Drazen. 


As your time social distancing and isolating at home adds up, you may be noticing that your hands are taking a hit from the constant handwashing that’s an essential part of fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are some tips to help you avoid ending up with sore, dry, red hands.

Get the right kind of soap.

Avoid scented soaps with their added fragrances. Instead, opt for soaps with basic natural ingredients, such as those that are plant-based.

Adjust how you wash your hands.

Washing for 20 seconds is the goal, and you need to make sure you wash every part of your hands, but don’t scrub too hard—you could dry out your skin.

Don’t use too much soap each time you wash; if you’re using liquid soap, a squirt the size of a quarter is ideal. And the soap you use on plates, pots, and pans is too harsh.

Remember that you don’t need scalding hot water to disinfect your hands. Hot water only leads to dry skin. Use lukewarm or cool water instead.

Keep your hands protected.

If you’re heading out, make sure to wear gloves; otherwise, the cold will make the problem worse. If your bedroom is dry at night, consider buying a humidifier. Applying moisturizer and wearing gloves to bed is another option.

Moisturize your hands daily, as well. Eucerin, Aveeno, or Working Hands are good choices that you can find at the pharmacy. You can also try butter, olive oil, or shea butter for some relief if drugstore moisturizers just aren’t cutting it.