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Curious About the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Family’s Lifestyle?

By Concordia University

Advertorial – The COVID-19 pandemic has led to major lifestyle changes for us all. COVID-19 related restrictions have disrupted our daily lives, and led some people to spend much more time with their spouses than before, leading to healthy and unhealthy changes in lifestyle habits. For instance, couples have often shown similar changes in their eating and physical activity habits during the pandemic.

About 43% of Canadians have experienced unwanted weight gain during the pandemic. Studies have shown that when one member of a couple gains weight, the risk that their spouse also gains weight doubles. This likely happens because of couples’ influence on one another, may it be intentional or unintentional. For example, some couples may watch television regularly as an activity, while others may go on walks.

Our research team at Concordia University is conducting a study to examine factors that help or hinder positive changes in eating and physical activity habits among couples during the pandemic. Results from this study will be used to develop programs to help maintain a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic and beyond.

We are looking for couples who are overweight and interested in improving their diet and physical activity. Both members of the couple must participate together and must have lived together for at least one year to be eligible.

This study consists of online interviews and questionnaires.

Couples can earn up to 100$ for their participation.

If you’re interested in participating, contact us at:

514-848-2424 extension 2284