Health & Wellness

Tone Your Arms

By Josée Lavigueur, physical education trainer


These two simple exercises will give you stronger arms to help you power through chores and maintain your independence

Triceps Toners

1. Hold a light weight or a bottle of water in your right hand.

2. Place your left hand on the back of a stable chair and slightly bend your upper body forward.

3. Lift your right elbow and then extend your arm behind you: make a line as parallel as possible between the floor and the arm you are extending.

4. Keep your back at a slight angle and your head extended.

5. Do four to 12 repetitions slowly and then change arms. Do this exercise three to five times a week.


This exercise can also be done without a chair. You can get started without a weight and add one later, after a few sessions.

Wall Push-Ups

1. Face a wall and put your hands on it, at shoulder height.

2. Stand a good distance from the wall, either with or without raising your heels.

3. Keeping your body aligned
and your head straight, gently bend your elbows to bring your nose to the wall.

4. Push to return to the starting position.

5. Do two to 12 repetitions, three to five times a week.


To increase the intensity, do the same exercise using a kitchen counter; for even more of a challenge, use a coffee table.

Pro Tip

While the wall push-ups may seem daunting at first, they’re an accessible, complete, and very effective exercise. Find the version that works for you and do it at your own pace.