Health & Wellness

Shoulder to Shoulder

In her first collaboration with Good Times, Josée Lavigueur offers two exercises to help you strengthen your shoulders

Upright Rows With Dumbbells

1. Hold light dumbbells (two, three, or five pounds) or two bottles of water.
2. Stand with your feet apart, your arms straight down in front of you, and your palms facing your legs.
3. Bend your knees while slowly pulling your elbows up.
4. Straighten your knees to return to the starting position.
5. Do eight to 12 slow and controlled repetitions. If you want, you can stop bending your legs and focus only on your arm movements.

Pro Tips

• Your wrists should be in line with your forearms and hands.
• The movement starts in your shoulders, not your hands: imagine that marionette strings are attached to your elbows and pulling them up towards the ceiling.
• Your legs should be positioned comfortably, not too far apart.
• Keep your back straight and your head up.

Lateral Raise With Lunge

1. Hold a light dumbbell (two, three, or five pounds) or a bottle of water in each hand. Stand your feet hip-width apart and then put one foot forward, with your arms extending the length of your body.
2. Bend your front knee and, keeping your head up and back straight, raise your arms outward to shoulder height.
3. Extend your leg to stand up again and lower your arms at the same time.
4. Do five repetitions with each leg, without stopping between legs.

Pro Tips

• If you prefer to focus on your arms, stand upright or sit on a stable chair to do this exercise.
• Maintain good posture by keeping your head nice and high as you extend your torso.
• Don’t turn your hands: your thumbs should always be pointed slightly upward to protect your shoulders.