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Ringing in the New Year at Home

Here’s how to host a low-key soirée that starts 2018 right—without going broke.

By Katrina Caruso

Going out on New Year’s Eve is expensive (and often overrated). A do-it-yourself celebration at home saves you money and can be at least as much fun. For those who choose to entertain, here are some suggestions for a hassle-free New Year’s Eve meal.

The Food

Entertaining can be a great time, especially if meals are low-cost and don’t require a lot of time to prepare. These dishes will blow your guests away, while allowing you to enjoy yourself, too.

Appetizers. Making your own canapés can save you a lot of money. Try something that can be popped into the oven, such as a stuffed baked brie or homemade crostini with bruschetta. If you want elegant crowd pleasers, caprese skewers or cantaloupe and prosciutto are easy to assemble and delicious.

Mains. Bring people together with main meals like fondue, which can foster great conversation. Alternatively, you can make a simple roast beef tenderloin, which is sure to impress. For lots of variety and fun, homemade pizza can also be a great option for both small and larger parties, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Desserts. By the time dessert rolls around, your guests might be stuffed. Rather than a complicated dessert, how about a chocolate fondue? It’s easy, but will be delicious and memorable. Use the time you didn’t spend on dessert to relax before your guests arrive.

Drinks. Apart from the quintessential bubbly, why not offer your guests one of these festive drinks?

   Something different
   These aren’t your everyday beverages, but they won’t require too much time to make.

   Warm drinks
   So the weather outside is frightful…these will boost the warmth in your home.


  • Know what you have. Don’t hit the grocery store until you’ve gone through your pantry. Bonus: you might get inspired with other recipes.
  • Keep it simple. Your guests are coming to see you; they’re not coming for the food—that’s just a bonus. Shared dishes on large platters are ideal and easy.
  • Plan ahead. Shop and prepare as much as you can the day and night before.

Have fun! 


Photo: iStock/Neyya.