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Eating Pattern Influences Gout Risk

By Wendy Haaf

Limiting certain types of foods might help cut your risk for gout—a painful, inflammatory form of arthritis—a recent study suggests. Using participant data collected from two long-term studies on diet’s effect on health risks, researchers correlated intake of “pro-inflammatory foods”— such as refined carbs, sweetened beverages, red meat and fried snacks—with incidence of gout.

They found that the rate of gout was 50 percent higher in those whose diets had the largest proportion of pro-inflammatory foods than in those with the lowest proportion.

Researchers suggest that the risk of developing gout—the most common form of inflammatory arthritis, affecting approximately 11 percent of Canadians 65 and older—may be reduced by avoiding or limiting proinflammatory foods.


Source: European Congress of Rheumatology Annual Meeting

Photo by Crystal Jo on Unsplash