New Source of Relief For Those Who Suffer From Frequent Nosebleeds

Advertorial – Though epistaxis (more commonly known as a nosebleed) may only rarely become a life-threatening condition, there’s no denying that it creates serious inconveniences for those who experience this problem on a frequent basis.

A Recurring Concern

Nosebleeds occur when a blood vessel within the nasal cavity bursts. Though it’s easy to understand how this might happen after an impact to the face, many of those who suffer from frequent nosebleeds experience spontaneous outbreaks without any clear explanation.

Though the reasons behind an individual’s frequent nosebleeds cannot always be diagnosed, there are many factors that increase one’s risk. Colds, excessively dry conditions or exposure to chemical irritants can all increase the likelihood of a nosebleed. Pregnant women are also notably more likely to experience nosebleeds.

A New Solution

Fortunately, those who suffer from frequent nosebleeds no longer need to worry about such outbreaks disrupting their daily life, thanks to Nozohaem gel. This gel solution helps speed up the coagulation process to bring a swift end to any nosebleed.

To use Nozohaem, users simply insert the tip of the tube into the affected nostril after clearing away most of the blood. While applying gentle pressure to the nostrils, users squeeze the gel from the tube into their nose. The gel then goes into action, helping speed up the body’s natural coagulation process to bring a swift end to the nosebleed.

Nozohaem can be used for children as young as 2, and has already proven to be a fast and effective method of resolving this common problem. Want to see if it can help with your nosebleeds? Visit Nozohaem.ca for more information about this New Easy-to-Use and Effective solution!