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Hair: Fresh Fall Hues

By Mariève Inoue

Changing your hair colour or style is a simple yet effective way to refresh your look. Here are this season’s biggest trends.

Always rich in new fashion and beauty trends, autumn is the perfect time to try a new hairstyle.

While many people transitioned to their natural grey or white hair at the beginning of the pandemic, some emerged after two years with a new image, says Crystal Brown, technical director at Ricci Hair Co. in Edmonton and a L’Oréal Professionnel colour ambassador.

More natural looks have been gaining ground since the rise of the ombré hair trend (a gradient colour that’s typically darker at the roots and lighter at the ends) several years ago. “People want to go back to something natural and easier to maintain,” says Marie-France Goyette, stylist, colourist, and the owner of the Hair Shop salon in Rosemère, Que.

Although slightly darker shades are generally more popular in the fall, there’s no reason not to go your own way, says Denis Binet, a colourist and ambassador for Pantene: “Nowadays, we’re all conscious of our skin tone and hair quality and what can be done.”

If you’re itching for a change, these major fall trends—along with some tips for maintaining your colour—should help inspire you.


Embracing Warmth
Although blonds seemed to avoid them in recent years, red and golden tones are back this season. “It’s time to ditch the platinum and go for something brighter and warmer,” Brown says. “Honey, caramel, and butter blonds are taking over.”

Beautiful Brond
Once fall rolls around, that light summer blond can be turned into a deeper “brond” hue, which is halfway between brown and blond. “You can also add darker strands or a gloss to darken the shade for a more natural-looking result,” Goyette says.

Keeping Your Blond Vibrant
– Use shampoo and conditioner formulated for blond hair. Also look for masks and serums.
– Add treatments to your hair care routine. Use a hydrating or protein mask at least once a week. The former adds moisture, while the latter helps to rebuild the hair fibre.
– Head to the salon every six to eight weeks. Revive your colour with a gloss—a semi-permanent treatment that helps space out lightening sessions. “The gloss helps maximize your investment,” Goyette says.


Warm and Rich
Brown shades are also getting warmer. “The trend is leaning towards warmer—but not brassy—tones,” Brown says. “Think subtle flecks of gold running through the hair.” The final look is deep and rich.

All About Dimension
“This fall and winter, we’ll be seeing a lot of shimmering chestnuts and hues ranging from neutral brown to much darker,” Binet says. Tone-on-tone highlights will help add dimension.

The Coveted Bob
According to Binet, brown hair is particularly well suited to shorter, more defined hairstyles, such as bobs and shags, that highlight your facial features.

Keeping Your Brown Vibrant
– Take care of your colour. “Protect your hair from the sun and heat damage: this is key to preventing your colour from changing to something undesirable,” Brown says. Use products designed for coloured hair as well as sprays and creams that protect your strands from UV rays and hot tools.


Luminous Reds
This season, we’ll see a renewed interest in red hair. “Some people will flirt with cherry or burgundy reds—hues that create a beautiful light effect,” Binet says.
Goyette agrees, adding that we should be seeing more intense, vibrant reds for fall, but always with dimension: “It’s rare to see a single shade used from root to tip; most people prefer to play with light reflections.”

Fall Copper
We’ll also be seeing “fall reds that are more in the copper range, as opposed to red or violet,” Brown says. Think strawberry, golden, and auburn shades.

Keeping Your Red Vibrant
– Ask for a double gloss at the salon. “After your colour has been rinsed, a second application of your copper shade diluted with a clear gloss will give you increased shine and your red better longevity,” Brown says.

– Use a colour-enhancing treatment. Add a treatment or conditioner that contains red pigment to your routine to help revive your red, a hue that tends to fade easily.

– Refresh your colour at home. Not all colours are well suited to dyeing your hair at home, but reds are a good candidate if you want to space out your visits to the salon. “While blond hues are harder to master, reds are easier because we all have a reddish pigment in our hair that always shines through,” Binet says.


Seamless Transition
If you’ve decided to embrace your white or silver hair, ask your colourist for highlights or lowlights to help your roots blend in during the transition.

Dynamic Style
Opt for a modern style: “A shorter cut or a layered style will give your hair beautiful texture and keep your look dynamic,” Binet says. The most important thing is to be confident in your choice.

Keeping Your Grey or White Vibrant
– Use a purple shampoo once a week or every two weeks. It will help keep yellow tones caused by tap water and the sun at bay and enhance your colour. “The first product you try may not always end up being the ideal one for you,” Binet advises. “Don’t be afraid to shop around a little.”

On-Trend Hairstyles

• According to Goyette, hairstyles are all about elegance this fall. Short bobs will be everywhere: “Bobs used to be around shoulder length, but this season, we’ll see them rise to the jawline.”
• Bangs are also back, in all shapes and forms.
• As for long hair, we’ll be seeing more and more “blunt ends with a ’90s-style layered face frame,” Brown says.
• Texture is also huge: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, many women have realized they have movement in their hair, and now we’re seeing more and more defined curls,” Binet says.
• Goyette adds that the trend is more about curls and texture than the softer waves we’ve seen over the past few years.

3 Hair Colour Maintenance Tips

Here’s what our experts advise to keep your colour radiant.
• Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair. It’s the best way to prevent fading, according to Goyette.
• Shampoo less often. Water is coloured hair’s number one enemy, so if you can manage to wash your hair less often, it should stay vibrant longer. “When you wet your hair, it expands like a sponge and you lose a little bit of colour every time,” Binet says.
• Don’t wait too long before making a hair appointment. How often you should visit the salon depends on different factors: “Full hair colour sessions are usually done every four to six weeks,” Goyette says. If you wait too long, your stylist may need to fix your colour, which could take longer and be more costly.



Photo: Marc-Antoine Charlebois;
makeup: Jean-François CD;
hair: Sophie Manzerolle;
model: Chantal Tardif;
artistic direction: Marie-Michèle Leduc.