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Gua Sha: Ancient yet on Trend

By Jessica Dostie


Facial massages using a gua sha—a flat stone with rounded edges from traditional Chinese medicine—are growing in popularity. More and more skin-care salons are incorporating this tool in their facial treatments. Here are two good reasons to try these mini-massages at home.

1. To brighten your complexion

According to aromatherapist Jennifer Hatoum, the founder of the Maison Maka brand of natural cosmetics, gua sha facial massage activates blood microcirculation, which gives the skin radiance. The practice, which consists of light effleurage strokes (never using too much pressure and keeping the gua sha angled to 45 degrees), will help to improve circulation and even reduce under-eye puffiness.

2. To maximize the effects of skin-care products

Hatoum recommends combining gua sha massage with an oil or a serum. The goal is to allow the stone to glide over the skin while nourishing the epidermis. “Using a gua sha also helps to increase the benefits of each product,” says Hatoum, who gives workshops to help people become familiar with the tool and master basic massage techniques. “It’s not complicated, but it takes practice,” she says.

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