From the Editor

Goodbye and Thank You!

From Aline Pinxteren, Publisher & Interim Editor-in-Chief

For many years, month after month, first Murray Lewis and then I had the honour of talking to you on this page and throughout the entire magazine, where you share your journeys and your stories with other readers.

Stories of going back to school, following your dreams, changing careers… you inspired me so much that at the age of 49, I decided to go back to university, try to write a novel, and work in a field in which I can do my part for the environment—all at the same time.

And so this is the last time we’ll talk in this space, but an extremely talented editor who has been a part of the team for a while will step into the role of this magazine’s editor-in-chief: Linda Priestley.

Before I leave, I want to thank you for the hundreds (thousands?) of messages you sent me over the years, for our conversations when I had the chance to meet you in person, and for your warm welcome into the Good Times community.

I will miss you all very much.


Photo by: Laurence Labat