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Decluttering (Part II): Stuff That Will (and Won’t) Sell

If you want to make some money selling your used things, read this list

By Katrina Caruso


Last week, we discussed decluttering your home and the best places to resell household items you no longer want or need. Now let’s consider what sort of stuff is most likely to make you money—and what isn’t.

Best Bang For Your Buck
These items have the best resale value and will ultimately be the most worth your time and effort. (In some cases, you might need a professional to help you with the process.)

Art, coins, jewellery: Items in these categories often have a good resale value, particularly at auction or through dealers. You may need to get the item appraised first, and in the case of art, you’ll only see a respectable resale value if the artist is a known professional artist with a history of auction sales or gallery representation.

Vintage wedding dresses: If you still have your wedding dress and it’s in good condition, it might be worth reselling to a consignment shop—the post-Pinterest age has brought about a boom in vintage-style weddings. The resale amount probably won’t match what you once paid for the dress, but the return could be better than with most clothing.

Music gear, musical instruments, cameras, and electronics: In some cases (particularly with musical gear such as synthesizers, speakers, microphones, and amps), you could make even more than you initially paid for the item. Apple products, vintage cameras, and brand-name guitars all have cult-like followings that allow for a seller’s market.

Designer handbags, accessories, and clothing: If you’re willing to sell online (through Ebay or Kijiji) and your items are brand-name and in fair condition, you could make some decent money. Brands that are especially popular: Michael Kors, Chanel, Hermes, Lululemon, Coach, and Hunter rain boots.

Lowest Resale Value
There are exceptions, but in most cases, these items might be best to give away, donate, reuse, or recycle. If you’re set on selling, be patient, consider posting the items on a number of different websites and local Facebook groups, or look for a specialty location that can help with the process. If you decide to sell online, you might do best selling larger lots of items in one shot.

Stamps and pins

Contemporary clothing


CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes

Royal Doulton and other porcelain figurines

China dinner sets and glassware

IKEA-type Furniture

Image: iStock/OperationShooting.