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Decluttering? Here’s Where to Sell Your Stuff

Before you throw it out or give it away, consider that you might be able to sell what you don’t need or want anymore

By Katrina Caruso


The warmer months are a great time to declutter, but before you toss or donate all the things that are simply taking up space, consider that you might be able to convert some of that clutter to cash. Here’s where to get started.

Most household items can be resold on websites such as like Kijiji or Craigslist (ideal for furniture, musical equipment, small appliances, electronics, and collectibles), Ebay (best for designer items, some vintage collectibles, and electronics), Etsy (especially for vintage jewellery, small antique or vintage collectibles, and clothing), and VarageSale (particularly good for kids’ toys, clothing, makeup, and electronics).

Keep in mind, if you’re selling through Ebay and Etsy, you’ll have to take care of shipping the item to the person. With websites like Kijiji, Craigslist, and VarageSale, the sales happen locally, and you can arrange where to meet the buyer, either at your home, his or her home, or a public location such as a subway station or a coffee shop.

In person and brick-and-mortar locations:
Bigger ticket items can be sold at auction houses on commission: jewellery, art, musical instruments, antique furniture, and rugs can fetch a reasonable resale amount at auction. These items are best sold in person and with the help of professionals; while an auction house takes a commission, the staff are also going to do all the work for you in terms of advertising and dealing with patrons, and experts can give you a good idea of what the item is worth (though many auction houses will charge you to appraise the item officially).

Then there are always garage sales or estate sales. These can be a good way to get rid of a lot of things at one time, but remember that most people aren’t interested in paying a lot of money for something at a garage sale, so you’ll have to be willing to let things go for a buck or two, with most things selling for much less than they would be worth elsewhere.

An in-between option is offered by specialized consignment stores and used-book stores and record stores, but don’t expect a big profit.

Next week, we’ll consider what sorts of things in your home are likely to have value and the best ways to get rid of whatever else you don’t want.

Photo: iStock/fstop123.