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Can a Smarter Mattress Lead to Better Sleep?

Now even your mattress can help look after your health.

By Katrina Caruso


How would you like a mattress that adjusts your bedroom’s temperature and lighting to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep and in the morning raises your blinds for you?

Another new product announced recently at CES 2018—the annual international exhibition that used to be called the Consumer Electronics Show—is Nokia Sleep, a mattress pad. Users will be able to track their sleep patterns, the number of times they wake in the night, and the quality of their sleep. While the idea of a smart mattress is not new (Withings, which Nokia bought in 2016 for $190 million, had previously launched a product called Aura with similar features, but the product didn’t perform well), this one is causing a lot of buzz in terms of its additional features. Some of the more exciting:

Photos: Nokia.

– Users will be able to set up their mattress pads with an app, IFTTT, that can handle different functions related to their sleeping patterns, such as adjusting the room temperature, dimming lights and turning them on and off, or opening and closing blinds.

– Those with sleep issues will be able to take an 8 session course, designed by a doctor named Christopher Winter, for improving their sleep.

– Nokia Sleep will be connected to an app, the Nokia Health App, which can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. The virtual assistant would then be able to provide in-depth analysis of the user’s sleep patterns.

– The mattress pad can also monitor snoring.

Users will place the pad under the mattress, around the chest area, on their side of the bed—so their partners won’t affect the analyses.

Consumers should be able to get their hands on Nokia Sleep within the next few months, at a projected cost of US$99.

Even if you don’t immediately jump on this bandwagon, it’s exciting to see the development of products geared towards wellness. Better sleep can lead to an improvement in a person’s overall health.