Style & Beauty

Brave the Cold in Style

By Jessica Dostie


We Canadians are experts when it comes to cold weather, so it’s not surprising that our winter coats are popular choices all over the world. Looking for a really warm but, above all, practical winter coat? These 5 design tricks will make all the difference.

Removable insulated hood

A hood is good, but a removable hood is even better—you can make the most of your investment by wearing the coat from fall to spring. 

Interior straps

What could be more practical than carrying your coat like a backpack when you’re shopping or on a long commute? 

Two-way zipper

This lets you undo just the bottom of your coat for more comfort when you’re seated—a feature that’s especially useful in the car. 

Extended sleeve with a thumb-hole

This is a must-have for ski jackets that have been adapted for urban wearing—the thumb-hole keeps sleeves from riding up and helps to conserve heat and limit drafts. 

Light but warm

Lined with goose down or high-tech synthetic insulation, winter coats can be very light and still offer an excellent level of warmth. Avoid coats with too high a percentage of feathers in the insulation; feathers add weight. Also, look for “RDS (Responsible Down Standard) on the label, an indication that the down used comes from ethical sources that care about the well-being of animals. 


On the picture: This coat, with its special fabric that allows moisture to escape but keeps heat in, protects against temperatures as low as -30°C. (Recycled Phoenix coat, Audvik – a Canadian brand –, $750)