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Boomers Could Change Cable

Streaming services may one day replace cable networks completely

By Jennifer Hughes

As more and more streaming services are introduced, Canadians are moving away from cable networks. According to a recent survey, Canadians over the age of 55 are the group most likely to stick with cable; should they decide to switch from cable to streaming services, they could completely change home entertainment. Meanwhile, those aged 18 to 34 are far more likely to use streaming services such as Netflix, CraveTV, or Disney Plus than are boomers or those between 35 and 54.

However, the survey results don’t necessarily mean that boomers are happy with cable. According to the poll, conducted by Research Co., three quarters of respondents with a cable plan believe they pay too much for it, while four in five admit that they have channels in their plans that they never watch. Compared to millennials, more boomers are unhappy with their cable plan and the variety of programs offered to them.

More boomers are watching live TV and recording shows or movies using a PVR or VCR than are younger Canadians. However, the poll noted that there is also a discrepancy between men and women, as more women than men record programs to watch them; more men prefer to watch TV live. Cable networks are becoming less and less popular—more Canadians have cheap or mid-sized cable packages than have large plans that provide premium channels.

Another trend that appears to be dying out is exclusive movie channels. Though they were once all the rage, Canadians are instead turning to streaming movies online.

Photo: iStock/coffeekai.