Apps to Sharpen Your Brain!

English-Speaking Research Volunteers Needed

Sponsored – Studies demonstrate that later-life learning can sharpen your thinking, and even protect against dementia. Scientists at Baycrest Health Sciences are investigating the ways that different smartphone-based learning activities can help adults promote cognitive health.

This research study examines the benefits of either participating in an online language-learning course, or practicing cognitive-training games… on your smartphone! We want to understand whether the many new apps available can provide benefits to older adults, and how they are different from each other.

We are looking for adults between the ages of 65 and 75, who use English as their primary language, to take part in a free learning program over the course of four months. The activities can be accessed anywhere.

As a participant, you’ll make two visits to Baycrest for cognitive tests. These tests involve reading, listening, and responding out loud or on a computer. None of the tests involve any kind of medical procedure.

Then you will be given a personalized account with an online learning program—your “training.” Train by logging in to your program and playing the game-based activities. Participants begin by training for about 30 minutes every day, five days each week.

After four months, you’ll visit Baycrest again to repeat the set of cognitive tests. We will provide parking and additional financial compensation for your time spent completing the study.

Contact us at 416-785-2500-ext:2708 or toronto.language.studies@gmail.com to join.