Your Poetry

Your Poem of the Month – Spring 2024

A popular feature in Good Times magazine is the Poetry page, where we showcase works written and submitted by our readers. T. Fast “A Mother” appeared in the May-June 2024 issue.

A mother sows a garden Where no one else can see.

She plants it in her heart And tends it lovingly.

She waters and she watches The flowers and the shrubs.

She cares for and she nurtures Each tiny seed and bulb.

She’s hopeful and delighted To see them bud and grow. She’s joyful at their triumphs.

She’s comfort and she’s home.

Though autumn plays its hand And faded leaves are browned,

And barren soil fills the land When winter freezes all around,

A mother knows that spring must come, When birdies sing
And sunshine hums.
When tiny blooms begin their songs.

And in the garden now awake,
For all the dormant times and pain, A mother sees the flowers rise And come to her again.

When lilac-perfumed air surrounds The flower blossoms nodding round, And loamy soil-scented ground Intoxicates,

Tulip lilies all in colour,
On this day as no other, Whisper in their special way, To you: A Happy Mother’s Day!

T. Fast, via email