Style & Beauty

7 Pro Tips for Flawless Makeup

By Jessica Dostie


Three makeup artists from here and abroad share their little secrets to help you look your best at every holiday-season party and dinner  

Our experts: Giorgio Forgani, makeup artist for the Italian brand Pupa; Justine Alexander-Brunelle, makeup artist for Annabelle; and David Vincent, international makeup artist for Watier. 

1. House Blend

To brighten a dull or tired complexion, apply illuminating serum; its delicate pearlescence makes all skin tones more radiant. You can use this versatile product alone as a makeup base or add a few drops to your moisturizer or foundation for an understated effect. 

2. Complexion 101

Avoid using a foundation that’s too dark. You might think you’re “adding some colour,” but the result will be just the opposite: instead of the healthy glow you’re going for, you lose radiance. For a glowing complexion and a rested look, use a BB cream—which is perfect for dry mature skin—and then over it apply a liquid foundation that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone. This will brighten the darker areas of your face—under your eyes, for example—without emphasizing expression lines.  

 3. Spotlight on the Eyes

“Pearl” eyeshadows—products that create a shimmery, pearlescent effect—and mature skin go well together. Opt for those with a satin finish. To emphasize the eyes without accentuating wrinkles and fine lines, just add a touch of pearl shadow under the browbone. For the rest of the eyelid, choose a matte shadow in a neutral colour—it’s easy to blend, even for a novice, with either a brush or your fingertip. 

 4. A Thin Line

Another essential to open up the eyes is a thin line of chocolatebrown kohl (less harsh than classic black) along the base of your upper lashes. To prevent smudging, use a small, angled brush to lightly blur the line, blend it with your other makeup for a flattering natural effect. To accentuate your lower lashes, try a metallic eye pencil in a lighter shade, such as copper or even rose gold.  

5. A Healthy Glow Pairing

To give your face definition and warm up your complexion, a bronzing powder and blush duo can’t be beat. First, using a large brush, dust a hint of bronzing powder on the  upper part of the forehead and on the temples, the chin, and even the nose; next, apply the blush (cream blush will add brightness to dry skin) to the cheekbones, moving upward towards the temples. The key is to use it sparingly. 

 6. A Perfect Mouth

The lip pencil—something many of us overlook—is your best friend when it comes to defining your mouth while helping lipstick stay put and not bleed. Just choose a shade that matches your lipstick (never darker) or try a transparent one, which is very forgiving of any slips of the pencil. 

 7. Eyes on Mascara

The final touch is, of course, mascara. While everyone loves black, chestnut brown (on trend these days) also works well to brighten the eyes—and it looks a bit more natural, especially if you have a pale complexion and fair hair. Whatever shade of mascara you choose, after curling the lashes, apply it by positioning the brush at the base of the lashes and moving upward in a zigzag motion. A bonus pro tip: avoid using mascara on the lower lashes—it tends to accentuate the appearance of crow’s feet.