Style & Beauty

10 Instant Makeovers

By Mariève Inoue

A little change can make a big difference; here are 10 expert tips on how to give your look a quick update

It’s easy to stick to the same old routine when you’re doing your hair and makeup, but sometimes, a different technique, a new product, or a bolder colour can really shake things up. We asked Melita Campellone, hairstylist, colourist, Oribe educator, and the owner of J’AIME! Coiffure salon in Montreal, and Alexandre Deslauriers, a professional makeup artist, for tangible tips that will help you instantly transform your look. These ideas are easy to implement and will make you want to experiment.

1. Try brightly coloured eyeshadow.

Apply a vibrant eyeshadow (such as red, chartreuse, lime green, electric blue, or purple) to brighten your eyes, keeping it close to your lash line. Green is very popular right now and works wonderfully—Deslauriers says it’s an often-overlooked hue that adds a lot of brightness, especially to brown, green, or hazel eyes.

2. Make up your brows.

The goal isn’t to make your eyebrows look dark or severe; it’s to fill in any sparse areas. Using a powder or volumizing gel will help your brows look fuller—especially if you usually leave them bare. “Rather than adding makeup to the bottom of your brows, you can fill them in from the top for a lifting effect,” Deslauriers suggests.

3. Choose a vibrant blush.

Trade your neutral-coloured blush for a coral or fuchsia one. A vibrant hue will brighten up your face, even if you apply just a little. Go for a liquid or cream formula, both of which are easy to apply with your fingers. For a slight lifting effect, place your blush higher on your cheeks.

4. Intensify your gaze with coloured mascara.

Give your traditional black mascara a break and opt for a colourful version instead. A dark-blue, wine-, or forest-green formula will help highlight your natural eye colour and freshen up your look. Coloured mascara can also be worn on its own for a subtler effect.

5. Rediscover nail polish.

Put those nude and classic red polishes aside and paint your nails a lovely raspberry, rust, or orange hue. A rich colour that complements your skin tone will make you stand out without looking eccentric. Other options that look elegant and refined include bluish green, jungle green, and translucent white.

6. Warm up your skin tone.

Bronzing powder with a bit of shimmer is a must-have for a healthy, sun-kissed look. Glide your brush from your temple towards your nose and then along your jawline. Add a touch of powder to your cheeks and nose—which is where the sun would hit—for a natural-looking result.

7. Try contouring.

Use a cool-brown eyeshadow or matte bronzing powder to create a shadow under your chin to better define your jawline. You can also darken the roots of your hair and add a bit of powder to your temples for an intensified effect.

8. Get bangs.

Bangs can be adapted to any face shape and are an especially interesting option if you like wearing your hair up. A professional can help you choose the style best suited to you. Because your bangs are in constant contact with your forehead, skincare products, and makeup, Campellone recommends washing them more often than the rest of your hair. Give them a deep cleanse using a clarifying shampoo, and then blow-dry or air-dry them depending on the style you’re going for; finish with a little hairspray to help them maintain their shape.

9. Add highlights.

Highlights can help accentuate your hair colour, or even tweak it without having to dye your entire head. They can also bring more dimension and texture to your look. Care for them with products designed for coloured hair and a heat protectant.

10. Fake shorter hair.

If your hair is long and layered, it’s easy to create a faux bob. First, apply a texture spray at your roots and lengths. Then, hold your hair near the nape of your neck as if you were going to tie it—pull the ponytail to the right and then the left, and use your other hand to shake the top of your hair to loosen and free up the shorter strands. Tie what’s left in your hand using a hair tie and roll your ponytail towards your neck, securing everything using bobby pins.


Image: Marc-Antoine Charlebois; makeup: Jean-François CD; hair: Sophie Manzerolle; model: Tania; artistic direction: Marie-Michèle Leduc.