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Your Guide to Eyebrow Products

If you want your eyebrows to look their best, here’s what you need to know


By Katrina Caruso


Whether you want to fill, thicken, or highlight your eyebrows, the range of products designed to do the job has grown in the last few years, partly due to many Youtubers’ strong brow aesthetic. With so many new products, what to buy can become confusing, so here’s a roundup of the best products on the market right now.

Tinted Brow “Mascara”
Brow mascara is popular because it combines clear gel and powders into one product; it basically makes the hairs of the eyebrows darker and sets them in place. Blinc’s Eyebrow Mousse has garnered rave reviews, and NYX’s Tinted Brow Mascara is also very popular.

Some people prefer powders, some prefer creams, and some prefer pencils. Whichever you choose, it won’t really change your look too much but each can feel different. The downside for powders is that they can be a bit messier. Sephora’s Eyebrow Editor and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Powder Duo are both good choices. Apply with an angled brush.

While some people find a pencil gives them more control, I find it’s too easy to make your eyebrows too dark using a pencil. Nevertheless, there are some great eyebrow pencils available. Try the Body Shop’s 3-in-1 Eyebrow Definer, which has two ends (one is a highlighter) and a brush. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz is very popular for its ultra-slim pencil.

Creams and Pomades
Anastasia Beverly Hills’ DIPBROW Pomade is one of the highest rated and most popular eyebrow products on the market. It’s a creamy pomade that gives a good amount of buildable pigment. Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow is another well-loved product, but it’s best for those who want a more intense look. For a more affordable option, try NYX’s Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade. Apply with a small angled brush for best results.

Clear Brow Gels
I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on eyebrow gels/waxes, which can make a difference in making unruly brows behave. My all-time favourite is Maybelline New York’s Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow, a $5 option that never disappoints. The only downside is that it takes a bit of time to dry. For a popular higher-end option, Benefit Cosmetics’s 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel is one of the best-rated clear eyebrow gels.

Image: iStock/pogrebkov.