Women Are Still the Ones Doing the Laundry

Some traditional gender roles persist among Canadian couples


A Statistics Canada survey shows that while men and women are splitting the chore of doing the dishes 50/50, it’s still mostly women who are doing the laundry and preparing the meals.

Based on surveys distributed in 2017, the most recent data shows that while men said they did the repairs and yard work 78% of the time, 61% of the time, women were doing the laundry, and they were also doing most of the cooking (56%).

Couples were more likely to share laundry and meal prep if both partners were working. If the man was the sole earner in the home, women were doing the laundry 64% of the time, while that number dropped to 55% in homes where both partners were working.

The survey also revealed that men and women are not only sharing the task of doing the dishes, but also splitting evenly between them the grocery shopping and scheduling the household’s social life.

Couples who responded were all above 20 years old and were either married or living common law when they filled out the survey. Same-sex couples were not included in the survey.

Photo: iStock/Mariakray.