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Welcome to the future of knitting

Presented by Prym Ergonomics  

 For 1,200 years, knitting needles have been designed the same way. The time for innovation had come.

Discover the new generation of knitting needles: Prym Ergonomics 

After years of research and consultation with knitters, every detail was considered, many ideas developed, and the knitting needles completely redesigned—in material, shape, function, ergonomics… The result: a global innovation.

Light, flexible, immediately warm to the hand, and very quiet to use, these needles let you knit for much longer. The new drop-shaped needle points help to pick up and guide the yarn safely and smoothly. The hook tips make it easier for beginners to get started and enable the experienced knitter to work swiftly and quietly. The morphing body, first round then triangular, makes the stitches glide easily with no snagging, resulting in effortless knitting without having to push the stitches along. The click heads, ingeniously designed to keep pairs of needles together, work as stitch stoppers to secure your knitting. Circular needles connected with a steel cord mean no more spiral effect—the twisted cord is a thing of the past.

Patented, made in Germany, this is quality.

Rediscover knitting! Available in specialized independent retail stores.


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Happy knitting!