The Best Jobs Post Retirement

Now might be the best time to try something new!

By Katrina Caruso

Are you retired and looking for a job? You’re not alone. According to Statistics Canada, 20% of Canadians 65 or older worked in 2015—the highest that number has been since 1981. Almost of third of those employed were working fulltime.

If you’re thinking of getting back into the job market, here are some positions for you to consider. Full or part time, one of these spots could not only supplement your income but provide you with a way to expand your skills or try something you’ve always wanted to do.

– Library assistant
If you love to read and thrive when you’re surrounded by books, a job at your local library might be a great fit.

– Tour guide
You could look into a museum’s tour guide positions, or you could start offering walking tours in your city.

Tutor or ESL/FSL teacher
Even if you’ve never taught formally, you’ve probably acquired career skills that could lend themselves to tutoring. If you have a good understanding of the complexities of language, teachers of English and French as a second language are always in demand.

If you’re creative and comfortable with a cameras, why not try freelance photography? Wedding photos and headshots can pay very well.

Becoming a consultant can be a natural transition post retirement. Consulting work can be flexible and perhaps allow you to continue to work in the field you love in a different capacity.

– Bookkeeper, accountant, or tax preparer
If you have experience with accounting, you can consider transitioning into bookkeeping, accounting, or preparing taxes part time or at home.

– Pet sitter/dog walker
If you like animals, working for yourself or an established business as a dog walker or pet sitter can be a fun way to make money.

– Writer, editor, proofreader, or translator.
Are you are skilled with words? You can keep yourself quite busy working as a freelancer. To get started, check out UpWork.

Marketers need a variety of faces to represent all demographics. Many modelling agencies now specialize in representing seniors.

If you love to drive and meeting new people, why not sign up to drive with Uber or perhaps take on a job making deliveries?

Personal chef, cake decorator, or caterer
For people who love to cook, going into the food industry might be a great fit post retirement, especially for those who might like to start a business.

Photo: iStock/JackF.