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Sponsored – SimplyConnect is committed to providing Canadian seniors with simple cell phone service for their wireless needs. We offer a selection of affordable plans such as Individual plans and Couples and Family plans with voice, text and data as well as Wireless Home Phone service to always stay in touch!

SimplyConnect plans start from $18/month with a wide selection of phones including basic and smartphones starting from $0. It also offers easy pairings between phones and plans with reliable national LTE network coverage, 30-day money back guarantee and friendly Canadian customer service.

Sign-up with SimplyConnect today, and enjoy DOUBLE* your minutes, texts and data, plus 2 GB of data promotional bonus** on select wireless plans.
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* Double minutes, texts and data bonus applies with a 2-yr term on in-market Individual plans from $18/mo to $60/mo and on all Couples and Family plans; bonus not applicable with Canada/U.S. plans. Early cancellation fees apply with a 2-yr term. Some conditions apply, call 1-888-281-2108 or visit simplyconnect.ca for details.

**2 GB promotional bonus apply with a 2-yr term only on select wireless plans. Some conditions apply, call or visit the website for details.