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Redesign / Umana: Innovative, safe and affordable masks

Advertorial – Marie-Eve Caron is the founder of Umana, a company that specializes in the creation of baby carriers and skin-to-skin clothing. When the pandemic turned everything upside down, she decided to create safe, reusable protective masks.

Since March, more than 125,000 of these innovative masks have been purchased by people all across Canada.

“Breathability and safety are what matter most to me. Since some clients will wear them all day, I had to find a way for my masks to perform and be comfortable. To achieve this goal, I consulted leading experts in the textile industry to find a fabric that was effective against the virus and provided good breathability.

“Then we found a fabric that met our criteria: The BioSmart® fabric. It stands out in the following way: when you wash it with bleach, it retains a dose of chlorine. This patented technology does not irritate the skin and is not toxic since the chlorine level remains completely neutral!

“In addition to great breathability, the BioSmart® fabric neutralizes bacteria or viruses within 24 hours. Our mask is therefore safe, comfortable and sewn in a fabric with a patented mechanism.”

For production, Umana turned to two companies that hire people on the margins of society, people with intellectual and motor disabilities.

Where can you buy them?

They are available online in sets of 5 in universal size. Perfect for children and adults, at a cost of $10 per mask.