Rainbows only after the rain? Not along the Italian Riviera…

Advertorial – And these rainbows aren’t ephemeral either. Take your time to stroll through the fascinating narrow streets of the coastal villages of Cinque Terre. Marvel at quaint pastel fishermen’s houses and take in the sights and fresh air of picturesque Mediterranean harbours. Top it all off with an Italian gelato!

Cinque Terre, which literally means the Five Lands, is an incomparable treasure trove nested along the Italian Riviera. Discover the colourful villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore as we hike from one village to another. Delve into centuries of agriculture as we pass by breathtaking terraced vineyards and enjoy the delicate scents of lemon in the air. Exploring the paths that were once the only connection between the five picturesque villages is an unforgettable hiking experience. Be sure to reward yourself and your taste buds with a glass of local wine, Limoncello and a delicious slice of pizza!

As a hiking enthusiast, what has been your most amazing, hiking destination?
Will you consider daring the most carefully monitored volcano in the world? Walking up Mount Vesuvius is the experience of a lifetime that is as fascinating as it is enriching. Learn of Italy’s most devastating natural disaster as you reach the 610 metre wide and 305 metre deep crater. Besides the cooler temperature from the higher altitude, once you are 1,281 metres all you will feel are chills and astonishment as you enjoy breathtaking views over the city of Naples and its stunning bay. Complete this intriguing walk through history with a visit to the archaeological site of Pompeii, the victim of Mount Vesuvius’ violent eruption in 79 AD.

Just off the coast of Naples, the island of Capri is a Mediterranean jewel and the perfect gateway for spectacular scenery seekers. History says that Caesar Augustus was so enamoured with the island’s natural beauty that he traded the nearby island of Ischia, rich in thermal mineral springs, for it. Experience the beauty for yourself and understand why! The Blue Grotto is the most adored natural sight on the island. Take a seat aboard a small wooden rowboat and hold your breath as you enter the cave through the small opening. The water is so blue in the paradise-like grotto that it feels as though you have arrived on another world. Soon enough your skipper will bring you back to reality singing bits of traditional Neapolitan tunes. This cave is only one of the wonders you can explore on the island in your free time after your morning hike. 

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Photos courtesy of Jon Gurr and Mélanie Biel