Peru, Land of the Incas

Advertorial – There is little doubt that Peru is one of the most amazing countries in South America, perhaps even the world. Set on the western side of the continent, it enjoys three very distinct climatic zones, a history as long and as varied as any in Europe or Asia, and a geographic diversity found nowhere else. Arrivals in Peru have been increasing yearly (close to four million last year, alone) with many coming to see the magnificent remains left by the earliest peoples to roam and inhabit these lands.

The diversity offered by Peru is mindboggling. We start in Lima, the cosmopolitan capital, often described as the culinary capital of South America. The city is rich in colonial and ancient history and is known for its excellent restaurants and varied museums and art galleries, including the famous Larco Museum, with its huge collection of Pre-Colombian art and artifacts.

Flying inland, we reach the magnificent highlands of Peru, surrounded by the mighty Andes Mountains. In the Sacred Valley, with its rich agriculture and quaint villages, we find examples of the Incas, their lifestyles and advanced farming techniques. From the circular terraces of Moray to the salt mines of Maras, there is much to learn and experience about the ancient Inca farmers. Nearby is Peru’s most important and famous relic of the past, the lost city of Machu Picchu, a most magnificent ruin which is the highlight of any journey to this land.

While Cuzco has been a city for several thousand years, today it is known for its colonial architecture, attractive squares, traditional stone houses and great churches from a bygone era. The houses of this wonderful city high in the Andes appear to cascade down the slopes. From Cuzco, we travel across the Top of the World as we journey to Puno and Lake Titicaca. This is the highest lake in the world, on which the Uros, an Indian tribe, have lived for centuries on floating islands, complete with schools, churches and shops. The islands are built by hand from totora reeds that grow in the shallow waters of the lake; truly a sight to behold.

Journey overland through magnificent mountain scenery to the Colca Valley, home to the placid vicuna and the magnificent condor, birds of prey. At 10,000 feet in depth, the valley is a wonder of the world at approximately three times the depth of the Grand Canyon. Nearby is Arequipa, the White City, whose historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the best preserved Colonial cities with a host of exquisite colonial churches and monasteries.

Our final centre is Paracas, located on the coast, just south of Lima and noted for its fine beaches. But more important are the Nasca Plains with their carvings that stretch across the landscapes. So large are they, that the only way to truly experience them is in a small plane as we fly over them. Were they created by a truly evolved civilization or by an alien race as many people believe? You need to see them to appreciate the size and scope of this phenomenon.

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