No-Touch Doorbells Ideal for Contactless Deliveries

The new no-touch doorbell has come along just in time for these pandemic days

By Caitlin Finlay


With the threat of the coronavirus, we’re all more vigilant than ever about hygiene—sanitizing everyday objects and turning to delivery services for our shopping needs. If you’re tempted to disinfect your doorstep after each delivery, a touchless doorbell may be the product for you.

A no-touch doorbell from was one example of touchless tech introduced at the 2021 virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month. The high-tech video doorbell relies on its camera and video analytics to detect a presence on your doorstep, and the device can also detect whether that presence is a person, animal, or package. When the camera detects a person, it will chime to alert the homeowner. The doorbell’s microphone then allows two-way conversation without the homeowner having to open the door. The camera is equipped with night vision and its own heater to prevent it from freezing up in the winter months.

The doorbell is labeled to alert the visitor not to touch it and that simply standing on the doormat will notify the homeowner. ( will also sell a labeled doormat to make things even clearer, but the doormat is purely decorative and doesn’t work with the doorbell to detect visitors.)

“Our Touchless Video Doorbell helps homeowners and visitors alike maintain social distance and avoid encountering germs, bacteria, and viruses that may exist on surfaces around the front door,” Anne Ferguson,’s vice-president of marketing, said in a press release. “Adding this touch-free solution to an smart home security system is another way we can stay vigilant and protect one another.”