More Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging, Please

A majority of Canadians say we’d pay more for products packed using sustainable materials


By Jennifer Hughes


The majority of Canadians want to do their part when it comes to buying food products that are packaged more sustainably, and some are even willing to pay more for it, according to a survey conducted by Asia Pulp & Paper.

Three out of four Canadians (74%) say they consider environmental sustainability when they shop; 62% said they would agree to pay more for food products that were sold in sustainable packaging.

The survey found that Canadians are very environmentally conscious; the vast majority recycle (97%), and most use reusable food containers or bags (79%) and limit their single-use plastic cutlery or straws (66%). Most (69%) also prefer to buy from companies that have made a commitment to sustainability.

When it comes to identifying whose job it is to improve sustainability, Canadians pointed to business and industry (73%) and governments (66%), but half (49%) think consumers should also be held accountable.

“It is encouraging to see the demand for high-quality eco-friendly products and packaging,” Ian Lifshitz, Asia Pulp & Paper Canada’s vice-president of sustainability and stakeholder relations, said in a statement. “This is what pushes the industry to stay focused on innovation and develop new merchandise supported by fully sustainable supply chains.”

Photo: iStock/nito100.