Let the Magical Azores Islands Sweep You off Your Feet!

Publireportage – Dramatic shorelines, majestic volcanoes, quaint historical villages and friendly locals

Craig Travel wants to whisk you away this September to the Magical Azores Islands. This group of nine islands is spread across the Mid Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Portugal. At first, travelling through the mystic lands of the Azores may remind you of the lush green fields of Ireland, but you’ll soon understand the archipelago has its own unique charms. Witness Mother Nature’s creative force as we encounter islands made of impressive volcanoes, and take a moment to relax as beautiful scenery passes you by between centuries-old towns and villages. The island’s spectacular shorelines, towering cliffs, galvanizing waterfalls, and boiling springs will make you fall in love with this gigantic garden. Also, the flavours of the locally grown and produced pineapples, wines, and seafood will make you want to call the Azores home!

All throughout the Azores islands, the scenery is nothing short of incredible. The islands are a bit off the beaten path for many travelers, allowing for a peaceful and intimate exploration of the natural attractions. One of the four islands that we’ll explore is called Terceira, which translates as “Third.” There is no shortage of activities on this island as we explore an ancient lava tub that reaches 100m deep, delight in views of traditional houses that diverge from the lush, green environment and visit the city of Angra do Heroismo. This city was founded in 1478 and was considered the most important of the three capital cities in the Azores. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site will take us back in time to an era long past.

On Faial Island, we’ll visit the small town of Horta, which was an important harbourfront during the earlier days of settlement. Atop the island lies the Caldeira, a massive crater that is home to an abundance of flora. As the clouds float in and out of the crater with the breeze, you’ll want to capture this breathtaking sight with your camera to share with all of your friends back at home. Another photo-worthy location that we’ll visit is the island of Sao Miguel. The largest of the Azores islands, it is home to numerous types of trees, plants, and flowers and as the most geologically diverse of the islands, there is no shortage of photos to be taken here!

Although the Islands boast scenery that is beyond beautiful, that is not the only reason why a trip to the Azores should be at the top of your bucket list. The islands are also known for their incredible cuisine made with a myriad of fresh, local ingredients. For example, pineapple plantations are prevalent in the Azores and are one of the region’s largest exports. During our time in Sao Miguel, we’ll visit a pineapple plantation and explore the greenhouses followed by the chance to taste some pineapple liquor or pineapple hot sauce. By the time the tour comes to an end, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for pineapples, as each plant produces only one pineapple during its lifetime and it takes two years for it to fully mature.

For lovers of fruit of a different nature, the island of Pico houses the UNESCO Vineyard Cultural Site where the grapes are grown on the ground across volcanic rock. The rocks capture the heat of the day and release it throughout the night when the temperature dips, creating a consistently warm environment for the vines. The grapes produced are high in sugar and produce delicious wine with a higher-than-average alcohol content. Be sure to enjoy your samples at the winery and heritage centre we visit, and perhaps even bring some home! You can’t often find Azorean wine off the islands. Finally, no visit to any island is complete without the opportunity to try the fresh fish and seafood. During past trips, our group escorts have frequently heard delighted group members exclaiming: “This is the best fish I have ever had!” From the king fish to the forkbeard and the trigger fish, there is no shortage of seafood delicacies! And for those wondering, it’s safe to eat trigger fish in the Azores, unlike as in some other parts of the world.

Prepare to be amazed by the sensational views and savoury delights of the Azores Islands this upcoming September 14th, 2020. Discover what makes these islands so magical, from the dramatic shorelines and fascinating history, to the quaint countryside and the locals’ passion for sharing their unique culture with visitors. Take advantage of our Early Booking Savings and save up to $200 per person if your book your spots before April 30th, 2020.  Contact our Tour Specialists today to reserve your spots or call us at 1-800-387-8890 for more information.