Intro to the Internet Offered Online

A free program helps seniors gain both online literacy and financial literacy

By Caitlin Finlay


To mark Financial Literacy Month in November, the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) recently announced a one-year sponsorship of an ABC Life Literacy Canada program to help adults and seniors get comfortable using the Internet and find out what they do there.

“The number of adult learners and seniors with access to the Internet is growing significantly, but many of them don’t have the appropriate digital literacy skills to use the Internet safely,” says Mack Rogers, the executive director of ABC Life Literacy Canada, a non-profit that promotes adult learning.

Given the social isolation measures related to COVID-19 and businesses turning to virtual options, it’s more important than ever to be familiar with the digital world and to be able to connect virtually with our loved ones and communities. The ABC Internet Matters program provides an introduction to the topic of digital literacy through a free bilingual workbook, as well as by means of downloadable resources such as how to create a strong password and how to use google maps.

“The CBA is proud to sponsor the ABC Internet Matters program, which is directly aimed at improving seniors’ capacity to stay safe, informed, and connected in an increasingly networked world,” says CBA president and CEO Neil Parmenter. “The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital services in all facets of life, including banking services, and this program helps bridge the digital divide among senior Canadians.”

ABC Internet Matters also offers a number of resources for digital finances including money safety, e-banking, e-transfers, and more. In addition to these digital resources, the CBA offers a program called Your Money Seniors, which provides in-person or online seminars where users can learn about cash management, financial abuse, and fraud prevention.

You can check out a full list of the programs offered by ABC Internet Matters on the official webpage.

Photo: iStock/DragonImages.