How About a Month in the Mediterranean?

Advertorial – After a cold winter stuck at home in Canada, why not consider something a little different for the next one?

Instead of spending a month or so in Florida or Arizona, how about a month in the sunny south of Thailand on the island of Koh Samui…or maybe on the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’ that is Madeira, Portugal…or perhaps in Cyprus, the ‘Island of Love’ in the Mediterranean?

Wheel & Anchor is a community of Canadian travellers who seek out spectacular travel experiences in the company of friends. Like you, we’ve been grounded during the pandemic, but we’ve used the time to talk to our members and craft some really interesting travel experiences for when we can get back to travelling again.

From that feedback we designed a unique set of ‘LiveAway’ programs to spend a month in each of Samui, Madeira, and Cyprus, from January – March 2022. These are partially structured trips with lots of activities but also lots of free time; you’ll be set up in hand-picked accommodations, and there’s a bunch of interesting weekend options to explore around these fascinating islands.

We’ve put together a guide to give you the overall picture of what these LiveAways will look like and what our community will do while we’re there – you can check it out by clicking here.

We’ve got a great group going already…will you join us?