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Foolproof Foundation

A good foundation can give your skin that much-needed fresh look. If you use it right. Here are the more common mistakes to avoid when using foundation.

By Mariève Inoue

Using too much product. “The more you apply, the more texture you’re adding,” says makeup artist Jean-François Casselman- Dupont. “Start with thin layers.”

Not preparing the skin properly. Foundation goes on much more easily on clean, hydrated skin.

Choosing the wrong finish or shade. “It can make a world of difference in terms of results,” says esthetician Alisa Usher. For example, choosing a finish that is too matte is likely to make your skin look dull.

Applying matte powder to your entire face. “You can add a bit of powder, especially to your T-zone, which tends to get oilier, but balance is key,” Casselman-Dupont says.

Using your fingers rather than the right application tool. “This can make foundation look uneven and will lead you to waste product,” Usher says.

Photo: Marc-Antoine Charlebois