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The Facts About Anti-Aging Hair Care

This beauty trend sounds too good to be true; is it?

By Katrina Caruso


New anti-aging beauty products have been cropping up since the days of Cleopatra. Over the last few years, anti-aging hair-care products have begun to hit the shelves. The question is, What do they really do?

Our hair, like the rest of us, ages… in a way. Hair colour is created by pigment cells in the hair follicles. Over time, the pigment cells of hairs die out, and that’s why hair turns grey. Our hair also gets thinner as we age. This is caused by the follicles becoming weaker over time. They stop producing as much hair or the hair they produce is less robust than before. This is why we see baldness and less hair in general on our heads as we get older. There are products on the market like Rogaine that can help with thinning hair, but nothing will stop hair from going grey, other than hair dye.

Anti-aging products are likely to be great for washing and conditioning hair, and will likely be quite moisturizing, but they won’t make hair younger or stop it from aging. New hair is constantly growing and being replaced. But there are products on the market that can help with volume, shine, and moisture, which can help hair look fuller and less dull and be less brittle. As a result, they can give you hair that looks younger and more healthy.

Look for hair products that have argan oil, which especially is good for both shine and moisturizing. And products that are rich in keratin can also help to improve overall hair health.

Photo: Thinkstock/Digital Vision/Ralf Nau.