From the Editor

Editor’s Letter: More for You!

Happy New Year! I find it hard to believe that it’s once again time for me to be writing that. The holidays really snuck up on me this year. One day it was Labour Day, and then it was Thanksgiving, and then Remembrance Day, and then I overheard someone remark that there were only two weeks left until Christmas and had something like a panic attack. I’m still not sure where all the days in between those holidays went, but 2017 seemed to go by in an awful hurry. Years seem to be doing that these days. It could be because I’m getting older, but…no, couldn’t be that.

New Year’s Day always makes me feel a bit guilty. It’s when people make resolutions to do less of what they probably shouldn’t be doing anyway and more of what they would rather not do but know they should. I’m too lazy to take up going to the gym and there’s nothing I particularly want too much of.

Can you have too much of a good thing? The answer depends, obviously, on what that good thing is. In the case of Good Times, I’ve learned recently that a lot people feel that the answer is “no.”

We often hear from readers telling us how much they value our health and finance content especially, and when we conducted a survey, we found that appreciation emphasized. So, beginning in the January/February issue, we’ve adding even more of both—more of Your Health and more of Your Rights and Money. Our expanded Health coverage includes a focus on wellness and well-being, plus a new regular feature. Well, it’s sort of new: one of the most popular features in our pages is “Your Questions,” where readers’ questions about personal finance, pensions and retirement-planning, and wills and estate planning are answered. This issue, we introduce “Your Health Questions,” where experts will answer questions from you, our readers, about health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Please don’t hesitate to send us your questions.

And at the risk of sounding like one of those horrible commercials, that’s not all. Our Facebook page has become much more active, with something new for you there every day. Just search for “thegoodtimesmagazine” and click the “like” and “follow” buttons on our Facebook page. You’ll find more content, and you’ll also find that you can talk with other Good Times readers—and with us. Let us know what you think, comment on posts, or just say hi. You can even leave a Letter to the Editor there.

And finally, you can now follow Good Times on Twitter so that you don’t miss a thing. Just search for “@TheGoodTimesMag”; after all, there’s no such thing as too much Good Times!