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Drinking Habits

Due to changes in our biochemistry, we become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol as we age.

By Wendy Haaf

But while most older adults don’t drink enough to significantly compromise their health, some have habits that could increase their risks for problems such as falls and harmful medication interactions.

A U.S. survey of participants aged between 50 and 80 found that, of those who reported drinking alcohol in the previous year, 10 percent said they’d combined it with other drugs, 20 percent had consumed alcohol four or more times per week, 23 percent typically drank three or more servings at one sitting, and 20 percent downed six or more drinks on at least one occasion. The researchers suggest that older adults speak with their doctors to ensure that their alcohol consumption stays within safe levels for their age and health profiles—especially relevant advice during the holiday season.

Source: University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging

Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash