Cruising Norway’s Lofoten Islands

Advertorial – Very few travellers may have heard of Norway’s Lofoten Islands, and yet they are one of the Nordic country’s most incredible natural gems. What do you picture when you hear “Norway”? Do you immediately depict steep mountains rising out of the ocean overlooking seemingly endless fjords and tiny red wooden fishermen’s shelters nestled in the midst of all that natural beauty? Then you have to experience the Lofoten Islands! Because that’s exactly what you will be admiring there!  
There is a myriad of captivating activities available to help you discover the Lofoten Islands from a new perspective. On the active side, enjoy an evening horseback ride across an immense beach on the Norwegian Sea. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect way to enjoy the Midnight sun phenomenon with an incredible backdrop? If you’re a real adrenaline lover, you will want to hop aboard a Rigid Inflatable Boat and cruise past sheltered bays and idyllic white-sand beaches that larger vessels cannot reach. 
The wildlife around the islands is spectacular. Cruise into awe-inspiring Trollfjord, a one mile long and 330 feet wide fjord and spot sea eagles in search of fish – an incomparable sight! 
There is no shortage of quieter activities either! Enjoy a guided tour through the streets of quaint villages and gain an insight into the lifestyle of the local fishing communities. The villages are rich in history as they used to be, for the majority, trading posts and Viking settlements. Amazingly most now hold no more than a couple of thousand inhabitants.
Local governments fortunately appreciate how precious the Lofoten Islands are and have taken actions to ensure their longevity. You will be able to revisit or have future generations of your family visit and have some of the same unique experiences. In fact, Lofoten is currently in the process of becoming certified as a Sustainable Destination. This Nordic region’s national labelling designation certifies tourist destinations which mitigate the impact of tourism on the environment. 
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