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Compression Stockings Cut Cellulitis Risk

By Wendy Haaf

If you have chronic swelling in your legs that’s lasted three months or more, compression stockings could sharply reduce the chances of your developing a serious skin infection known as cellulitis. To test the effect of these garments, researchers recruited 84 adults (average age: 64) with chronic leg edema who’d had at least two episodes of cellulitis in the same leg. Participants were randomly assigned either to an education-only group or to a group given education plus a compression garment (typically knee high with a foot but no toes).

The results were so impressive that researchers halted the trial early—the rate of cellulitis was more than twice as high in the education-only cohort (40 percent) as in those who got the garments (15 percent).

Source: American Family Physician

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash