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Choosing the Right Frame for Your Face

Picking out a pair of glasses can seem an overwhelming task, but it helps to know what to look for

By Katrina Caruso


Whether you’re shopping in a store or online, the number of eyewear options available can leave you with no idea where to begin. Here’s a short guide to help you select you next pair of glasses.

Face Shape
Most faces belong to one of five types: oval, round, square, diamond-shaped, and heart-shaped. As a rule, choose a pair of glasses that is the opposite of your face’s shape; that is, if you have a round face, try square or rectangular glasses—round frames just highlight a face’s roundness. For a square face, rounded or oval frames work best. For a diamond-shaped face, try cat’s-eye glasses. The eyewear company Clearly has a useful guide to faces and frames0 on its website.

Skin Tone
We all have an underlying skin tone, be it cool (blue/pink/red undertones), warm (yellow/bronze undertones), neutral (a mix of cool and warm), or olive (golden green undertones). For warmer undertones, try golds, browns, beige, olive green, and rich reds or oranges; for cooler tones, try black, white, silver, pastels, blues, mauves, or pinks.

Lifestyle and Personality
Do you read a lot? Are you using a computer for eight or more hours a day for work and pleasure? Do you play a sport? These are all factors to consider to help you to choose glasses that will suit your needs. As well, eyewear can be an excellent way to show off your personal flair, perhaps by choosing a pair in a fun pattern or your favourite colour.

Affordable Eyewear Online
If you’re keen to shop online, you can save a lot of money on your glasses. There are many options for attractive and affordable eyewear. Here are a few websites that come with good track records, nice styles, and great prices.

Clearly Contacts: Clearly Contacts often has special sales such as “Buy One, Get One” or “20% Off Lenses.” Many of the frames range from $50 to $100 CAD (not including the lenses, which can cost up to $280 for the thinnest option), and shipping is free.

Eye Buy Direct: Many of the frames are in the $13 to $45 CAD range. There are many options for lenses including screen protective lenses, which can cost up to $140. The company offers a one-year guarantee, and returns within the first 14 days, and free shipping over $99.

Zenni Optical: Most frames range from $6.95 to $45.95 USD, and shipping to Canada is $9.95 for standard shipping or $15.95 for express. You can often get clip-on sunglass lenses, as well. The cost of the lenses varies depending on the features you choose but most are very affordable.

Bonlook: On Bonlook, choose from a wide range of higher-end styles starting at $145 CAD (plus $75 for blue light protective lenses), and there are often deals for buying two pairs. You can make an appointment online with an in-store optician first, which is required if you need progressive lenses.

Photo: iStock/hedgehog.