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Cannabis Products Interfere With Some Common Meds

Researchers have published a list of medications that can be prevented from working by CBD and marijuana

By Wendy Haaf


Pharmacology researchers at Penn State College of Medicine are warning that CBD oil (hemp oil) and both medical and recreational marijuana can interfere with the efficacy of at least 57 common prescription medications.

After gathering information on which specific enzymes break down cannabinoids (chemical components such as CBD found in cannabis), scientists identified 57 drugs that the body can’t process without these same enzymes. The most commonly used medications on the list include the anticoagulant warfarin (a blood thinner), cyclosporine (used to prevent organ rejection), levothyroxine (a thyroid drug), and the anti-depression drug amitriptyline. You can view the full list, which was published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoidshere.

In addition, the researchers published a comprehensive list of 139 medications that may interact with cannabinoids.

The researchers say that medical professionals should consider a patient’s use of CBD products and marijuana and potential drug interactions when prescribing a medication on the list. They also urge that patients be honest with their doctors about their use of cannabis products.

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