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Canadians Would Give Themselves a Break—If They Had the Money

We’re stressed at work, but most of us don’t feel that we can afford to take a break, according to a recent survey

By Katrina Caruso

According to the results of a recent survey, two-thirds of working Canadians experience moderate to high levels of stress on the job, especially those who work in the fields of health care, social assistance, finance, insurance, and real estate. And yet, while 95% of respondents said that it’s important for people to invest money and time in taking care of themselves, 67% said that they can’t afford to; 82% said they would invest more in themselves if they had the money.

What does investing in yourself mean? According to 81% of the 3,653 adult working Canadians who responded, it means taking a vacation. The survey was commissioned by TD and conducted by Environics Research. Other goals included starting or pursuing a hobby, pursuing further education, or starting a business or sideline.

Three quarters of respondents said that, if they could, they’d invest in themselves at least twice a year in order to relax (66%), refresh themselves (62%), and benefit their mental health (49%).

With debt and interest rates rising, this kind of investment can seem out of reach, but a healthy work-life balance is important. In presenting the survey results, TD offered tips on how to invest in yourself:

  • Find your passion: Make sure to schedule time to do what you love doing, and if you’re not sure what that it is, explore: take a class or join a club or sports team.
  • Use your tax refund: More than half of Canadians expect a refund this year. Dedicate yours to a vacation or a treat for yourself.
  • Take a staycation: A vacation doesn’t have to mean the cost of airfare and a hotel—pamper yourself at home, read that book you’ve been meaning to read, explore your surroundings, or treat yourself to a fine restaurant.
  • Start a fund dedicated to you: Make a point of saving for a treat for yourself the way you’d save up for any future purchase.

Photo: iStock/Ridofranz.