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The Canadian Travellers’ Top 10

Where are you off to on your next vacation? Ever thought about visiting Nashville or New Delhi? Apparently a lot of Canadians are pondering those destinations, according to travel search data released by KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine.

Havana, Cuba 

Havana is the hot spot—the most searched destination among Canadians, with a 230% increase in searches. That’s not too surprising—we Canadians love Cuba, and as soon as it became clear that that Americans were going to be allowed to go there, a sudden sense of urgency was bound to develop. Reykjavik was next, with an increase of 116%.

Rio de Janeiro, Casablanca, Auckland, and Manila took the next top spots (those last three were new to the list), followed by Nashville, New Delhi, Guatemala, and Bogotá.

If these worthy additions to your wish-list aren’t quite within your budget right now, you could always visit one of our spectacular National Parks or Historic Sites for free during our country’s 150th birthday year. All you need to do is apply for a free 2107 Discover Pass and Parks Canada will send you one in the mail; you’ll be good to go anywhere in the parks system for free (though extras such as camping and tours will still carry a fee).

By Lola Augustine Brown

Photos: iStock/tupungato (Havana) and masterovoy (Casablanca).