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Peter Krysmanski decided to install a residential home elevator when three knee operations meant the stairs were becoming too challenging.

“The Stiltz Home Elevator was the perfect concept,” Krysmanski says. “It required minimal structural work, and it’s fast and quiet.”

At the same time, Krysmanski, from Toronto, also required a product that would enable him to future-proof his home for all eventualities.

He’s not alone: more and more homeowners are installing elevators, especially in the Ontario and Alberta regions, where there’s high demand within the retiring population who want to stay in their family home.

“We’re speaking a lot to the 60-plus generation,” said Mark Blomfield, president at Stiltz Home Elevators of Canada. “They’re future-proofing their homes for a comfortable retirement and a place where they can stay long term. They’re not interested in downsizing, so they’re upgrading their existing homes with home elevators so they can stay in family home they love.”

Stiltz Lifts opened a base in the USA and Canada in 2013 and the company has been experiencing rapid growth, according to Mr Blomfield. The range of unique residential elevators require no major structural work or hydraulics as they travel on self-supporting rails and plug straight into a regular power outlet. “The home elevator is gaining in popularity and the word is spreading,” he said. “We’ve seen our sales grow substantially.”